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Cory Daniel Goulet (born June 28, 1990), aka KEN RiFFY, is an American music producer.  He grew up in Haverhill, MA, 35 miles north of Boston.  He fell in love with music at a young age, but didn’t start creating it until his late teens.  Up until college, he played varsity baseball and golf.  Then he was introduced to a Yamaha Motif and sports climbed into the back seat.  When he got to college, he quickly realized that he wanted to learn more about sound and production.  He attended the Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University.  Here he studied under Phil Nicolo, David Pasbrig, Osei Alleyne, and Aaron Levinson.  During his years at Temple, Goulet worked with several artists in the Philadelphia area including Dayne ‘Dosage’ Anthony, Manchilde, FESE.  He has always had a strong respect for all genres of music, but never knew how he could get involved with it.  He hadn’t mastered any instruments, but he had a good ear.  Goulet became obsessed with searching for his own sound.

In 2013, Goulet moved to Los Angeles to try and find his place in the industry.  In his spare time he works remotely for CSquared Systems as a software tester, plays with dogs, and still plays golf, so look out for him on the PGA tour.


Collaboration is a major key to success.  If someone’s passion is recognized, the writing / creative process will flow much better. Although it’s necessary to work alone at times, at the end of the day, collaboration allows for a better product.


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